Most Popular Khan Sir Patna’s Biography

Most Popular Khan Sir Patna’s Biography, Wiki, age, education, career, Family, affair, girlfriend, wife, net worth, khan gs research center, and more

Be late but definitely be something because

People ask for status, not well-being with time.

Along with some such inspiring things, today every child of the country knows Khan Sir, who teaches in a house on the narrow streets of Patna. He is quite famous for his teaching style. Today, every video on his YouTube gets millions of views.

Khan sir’s laughing, joking and entertaining reading is making everyone crazy today. Today everyone follows his studies. Little is said about him.

Although Khan sir is getting to know not only India but people from all over the world, if you do not have information about Khan sir, then read this article completely because in this article today we will introduce you to the life of Khan sir Complete  Biography of like-

personal life, education, classes, career, online classes, income, income source, achievements, affair, and girlfriend. I will give complete information about the Khan Gs research center Patna’s address, contact number, etc. Also, I will try to answer all your questions related to Khan sir through this article.

Khan sir Patna biography | Personal life | Personal Information

The full name of Khan sir is  Faizal Ali Khan. Born in the holy land of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, Khan Sir was born in a middle-class family. His father served as an officer in the army and is now retired.

Khan sir’s mother is a housewife. Like the father, the elder brother is also engaged in the service of the country. His elder brother is a commando in the army. Following in the footsteps of his father and brother, He also wanted to serve the country and he also wanted to join the army, that’s why he took the NDA exam and passed NDA with good marks.

But God had something else approved. Unfortunately, due to a lack of physical fitness, he could not get selected for NDA. He was also very disappointed by remembering the broken dream, but his father and elder brother encouraged him. They say that the country cannot be served only by staying in the army.

We can serve the country in many ways also. Serving the poor and helpless is also a service to the nation. He says that-

“What the country has given you is not important, but

What you have done for the country is important.

Making this mantra his goal, he has opened an orphanage for poor and needy children. For children whose parents are not in this world, they are no less than god. Khan bears all the expenses from his food and clothes to his studies.

They never let them feel the lack of their parents. Apart from this, he has also opened an old age ashram as well as a gaushala, where he keeps and takes care of orphaned cows. Khan sir donates most of his earnings to the orphanage.

Biography Of Khan Sir at a Glance

Real NameFaizal Ali Khan
Nick NameKhan Sir
Year Of Birth1992
Age29 (As in 2022)
Birth PlaceGorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
Home TownPatna (Bihar)
Father’s NameNot Available
Mother’s nameNot Available
Height5′ Fit 5″ Inch
Weight65 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
SchoolNot Available
College/UniversityAllahabad University (U.P.)
DegreeGraduate/ Post Graduate
Marital StatusSingle
GirlfriendNot Available
Income SourceYoutube, Official app, Offline Classes
Net WorthNot Available
Social MediaYoutube, facebook and twitter
Khan Sir bio, Wiki, age, family, education, career, and more

Khan Sir’s Education

Khan Sir did his early education at a private school in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. From childhood, his interest was very much in studies. Because of this, all the teachers of the school liked him very much. When he was in class 9, he gave the entrance exam for Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

He studied English medium till class 10th. He had also prepared for the Polytechnic during his matriculation examination. After studying in English Medium till the 10th he decided to switch himself from English to Hindi Medium.

He passed the 12th board exam from a government school. During this, he was also preparing for AIEEE. Khan sir was telling about an incident that- the day he had an AIEEE exam. That day he kept sleeping because he had studied for a long time at night and he could not get up in the morning due to which he missed his exam.

He took his graduation degree (B.Sc) from Allahabad University. During this time he was also very active in student politics. Due to fighting for his rights, he had to go to jail many times during that time. He also completed his Master’s (M.Sc) degree from Allahabad University.

He had a special attachment to Bihar because his maternal grandmother was there. In childhood, when he used to come to his maternal grandmother’s house in Bihar, he used to hear from the people about the art culture of Bihar and the great men who made this earth a glorious Bihar.

He was curious since childhood to know about the great emperor Chandragupta Maurya, Chanakya, and the great mathematician Aryabhata. Khan sir realized that due to political evils in a state like Bihar, the education system is in a bad condition today.

Because he has been in student politics since childhood, he knew that all valuable things in India are lost in politics. Here people are deprived of the right to education due to political opponents.

Since then he made a vow that – he will give cheap and good education to Bihar so that the poorest children can study and achieve something in their life. He believes that-

Education is the milk of a lioness, whoever drinks it must have roared.

After completing his studies in Uttar Pradesh, he stayed in Bihar and started teaching children here.

Khan sir’s career

Keeping in mind the poor and needy students, he started a coaching center in Patna named- Khan gs Research Center Patna.

In the beginning, very few children came to study in his institute. But seeing his way of teaching, the children gradually started growing more. He is world famous today because of his teaching style. Today more than 10,000 children study in his institute.

You can also guess their popularity like this – 2000 children are seated in their institution at a time but still the space falls short. Many boys study even after standing for hours due to a lack of space.

Students believe that- Khan sir teaches by joking in such a way that we do not feel tired even after standing. Khan is also a specialist for Sir Maan Pictures.

Due to his style of teaching being in the typical rustic language, along with his studies, he also makes fun of him. Due to this children like Khan sir more.

Khan sir Online Classes, Youtube channel

Last year at the time of lockdown when the whole country was closed. All the studying children went to their respective homes. At that time, he started online classes through Youtube given the education of children.

Although he had made his channel on YouTube long ago, his regular videos started appearing on YouTube only during the lockdown. His way of explaining is such that even illiterate people can understand.

Motivational talk in between laughs and jokes adds to the way of teaching them. Although earlier people knew him only inside Patna, since he started teaching online, the whole world started knowing him.

Today his Youtube Channel has 17.35 Million Subscribers (while I am writing the article). You can guess his popularity – his YouTube channel was completed Million subscribers in about a month and a half. Today, millions of views come in every one of his videos.

He has also launched his official app for Online Classes, which is named Khan Sir Official App. On which they provide online classes for children. Initially, he had kept only the ₹ 11 fees for an online class on his app.

Think what can be more affordable than this. More than 1 million people have downloaded this app so far. He says look babu, we tell the government to make everything expensive in the world, but do not make education so expensive that common people cannot study.

Khan sir Patna Income | Income sources 

As we know that he is very famous for his teaching arts. If we talk about the income source of Khan sir, apart from Offline Coaching classes, Youtube, also has his mobile app where he runs Paid Online Classes for the students.
Let us now talk about all the income sources in turn.

Khan sir Youtube channel Income

Khan sir’s Youtube channel has about 17 Million Subscribers today. According to a personal website, his estimated Youtube income is around 20 lakh rupees per month. 

He does not promote any brand on his Youtube. This is only the income of their Youtube and Adsense accounts.

Official app income

His official app is just an app created by Khan sir for education purposes. This app has not been monetized in any way. Only Paid Online Classes are taken through this app. This app has been downloaded by 1 million students so far. 

If only 5 lakh students use this app, then according to 500 per student, you can estimate their income yourself.

Khan sir offline classes | Khan gs Research Center Patna

Khan Gs Research center Patna This is the biggest coaching institute in Bihar. About 10 to 15 thousand students and girl students study here. People are entered inside the coaching and taken out from the line.

The crowd is so much that many children do not even get a place to sit, they study by standing for hours. From this, you can get an idea of ​​the income of their institution.

Overall His estimated monthly salary can range from Rs.18 to Rs.20 lakh or even more. I do not fully confirm this. I have told only the estimated amount of their income. Concrete information about their income is not yet available.
Note: I have taken the information on online income from the website which is a well-known and trusted website.

Khan Sir Achievements

People keep running after money. But Khan sir considers service and helping the poor as his achievement. He believes that serving the poor people is real patriotism. He earned a lot of money but never treated anyone badly. 

He respects all religions. While they celebrate Eid, on one hand, they also celebrate Holi and Deepawali on the other. When the festival of Rakshabandhan happens, all the girls line up and tie rakhi to them. On that day his entire hand is filled with rakhis.

He also blesses those sisters a lot. They say that the money will not go together but the respect that we earn here will go with us. The real achievement of Khan Sir is the people who follow him and want to be like him.

Khan Sir Patna Affair, Girlfriend, wife

According to the information, Khan sir does not have any girlfriends. But they have got engaged. He happily accepted the life partner chosen by his parents. They say that we are so busy that we never get a chance to think about love.

The life partner chosen by the parents stays together for only seven births. They were supposed to get married last year in April 2020. But due to a disaster like the coronavirus, they postponed their marriage. Laptop when everything becomes normal, then they can get married.

His future wife is a doctor and she is also preparing for the officer rank. She studies at Banaras Hindu University.

Khan Sir book

He has written many such books, which are very important for the students from the point of view of competition. All these books are available on Amazon.

Khan Gs research center full address

Although they do not get time to meet anyone, yet if you want to join their offline classes or Khan gs research center, then follow step-by-step the address given below, you will reach their coaching center directly.

  • First Step: If you are coming by train then you get straight down at Patna Junction.
  • Second Step: Take an auto from Patna Junction to Gandhi Maidan, here you will be charged ₹ 20 fares.
  • Third Step: After coming to Gandhi Maidan, you have to catch the auto again for Bhikhna hill, the fare here will be ₹ 10 from you.
  • Fourth Step: There is a farmer cold storage on this Bhikhana hill, where Khan Sir’s biggest coaching is Khan’s research center and office.

Khan Sir library Patna fee | Timetable

Khan sir’s library is the biggest in Bihar. Special facilities are available for the students in this library. This library works in 4 shifts, and everyone has a different fee structure.

  • 1st shift – 07:00 am – 12:00 am – 200
  • 2nd shift – 12:01 Pm – 5:00 PM – 300
  • 3rd Shift – 05:01 pm – 10: pm – 300
  • 4th Shift – 10:01 pm – 06:am – 200

Note: If you want to do all the shifts for both day and night, then you have to pay only ₹ 750.

Khan Sir library facility

Keeping the students in mind, Khan sir has given many facilities here like-

24×7 Fast wi-fi for internet

Doubt Classes for weak students 

Newspapers for current affairs

Competitive Books

Books Locker for books Security

Monthly magazines 

Natural and fresh air With AC

Separate Seats for Girls

RO Purifier Water

Security Guard etc.

Where does Khan Sir’s live class run?

The head branch of Khan Gs research center is Patna. But this institute of Khan sir also provides online classes. There are cameras all around Khan sir’s class. Khan sir provides online classes in remote areas with this camera. The names of some of these places are as follows-

JAMUI – Chhappan bhog (Kachari)


JAHANABAD – Kriahna Mahila College

LAKHISARAI – Aadarsh ​​Nagar

BIHAR SHARIF – Khandak (Garhpur)

NAVADA – Goverdhan Mandir ( Naveen Nagar)

Some important facts about Khan Sir

  • Khan sir is the founder and director general of Khan gs research center.
  • His real name is Faisal Ali Khan.
  • He was born in the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh.
  • His age is 28 (the birth year 1992) years.
  • His education was completed at Allahabad University.
  • Bihar state is the maternal grandmother of Khan Sir.
  • Khan Sir’s coaching is the name- Khan gs research center.
  • There are thousands of children in his coaching who study at low fees.
  • In the coaching, 2000 children sit together.
  • He has also been active in student politics. Due to this, he had to go to jail thrice.
  • Gs khan sir is an expert in map subject.
  • He has a Youtube channel, from where he got fame, and people all over the world started knowing him.
  • His youtube channel currently has about 17 Million Subscribers.
  • There is a mobile app, named Khan sir Official app through which he provides Paid Online Classes.
  • He has no girlfriend. But they have got engaged.
  • His wife is preparing for officer rank.
  • Youtube, Khan sir app apart from online classes there is Khan gs research center Patna coaching.
  • He is quite famous for his teaching style. Millions of views come in every video of him on YouTube today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FaQ)

Q: Who is khan sir Patna? who is gs khan?

Ans: Khan sir is the founder and director general of gs research center. He is quite famous for his teaching style.

Q: What is Khan Sir’s real name?

Ans: His real name is Faizal Ali Khan.

Q: What is Khan sir’s age?

Ans: 28 years (The birth year 1992).

Q: What is the name of Khan Sir coaching Patna?

Ans: Khan Gs research center is the name of Khan sir’s coaching.

Q: Why did Khan sir become so famous?

Ans: People like their education system, that’s why people like them more.

Q: What is the phone no./address of Khan sir coaching institute?

Ans: Khan gs Research Center Patna.
Kisan cold storage near Sai mandir, Musallahpur hat Patna 800006
Phone number
Call @ 8757354880
Email address

Q: What is Khan sir’s income?

Ans: In this article, I have given detailed information about Khan sir, please go above and know about the income. Still, I would like to tell you that he can buy 2-3 Swift Desire every month.

Q: How much is Khan sir Networth?

Ans: He rules the hearts of crores of people, this is his net worth. Now guess yourself.


After reading Khan sir’s biography we have come to this conclusion- His spirit of public service gives him proof of being a true patriot. People like his way of teaching.

He earns lakhs of rupees, but the best part is that he donates most of his money to orphanages, gaushalas, NGOs, etc. Overall, the praise of Khan sir is less.

It took me about 2 days to write this article. I have attached every piece of information in it so that nothing is missed. Still, if anything is missed, then do let us know by commenting in the comment section so that I can improve this article even more for you.

If you like Khan sir ka biography then definitely share it with people.

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