Munawwar Rana Biography | Popular poet of INDIA

Munawwar Rana Biography | Popular poet of INDIA

It is said that poets have a different world. Poetry is reflected in the bitter things said by him and people do not even consider it bad. People take great pleasure in listening to what is done by a poet through poetry.

Not everyone can become a poet, not everyone can become a poet. There is one such artist among us whose composition is so beautiful that people are eager to listen to him. Yes, we are talking about the famous poet Munawwar Rana.

Munavvar Rana is a poet and writer by profession. While on one hand, he is popular in the world of literature, on the other hand, he has an old relationship with controversies. People like his creation very much.

Today in this article I will tell you about the biography of the famous poet and writer Munawwar Rana. Along with this, I will give complete information about his age, family, education, career, achievements, compositions, and controversy related to Munavvar Rana.

Why Munawwar Rana is in the news

Munawwar Rana‘s dispute is going on with his brother over land. Due to this, the police raided his house late at the night. The police had arrived for the interrogation of Munavvar Rana’s son Tabrez. Actually, Tabrez was attacked a few days ago in Rae Bareli.

The police had reached his house for questioning. After which the matter seems to be getting more complicated. In fact, the police say that Munavwar Rana’s son got himself attacked to implicate his uncle and cousin. Munawwar Rana says that he misbehaved with his daughters by the policemen. Its investigation is still going on.

Munawwar Rana wiki, bio, age, family, education, career, Achievements, and more

Real NameMunawar Rana
Professionpoet and writer
Birth26 November 1952
Age69 as of 2021
father’s nameAnwar Rana
Mother’s nameAyesha Khatoon
BirthplaceRae Bareli Uttar Pradesh
Home townRae Bareli Uttar Pradesh
Current residenceLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Height167 Cm

1.67 m

5′ 7″ feet
Weight87 kg
Eye colorlight brown
Hair Colorlight white
Primary educationhappened in Kolkata
Higher educationnot known.
Educational Qualificationsnot known.
HobbyWrestling in childhood, Listening to Music, Listening to News
Favorite poetShambhu Shikhar and Rahat Indori Sahib
Favourite CityLucknow
Marital statusmarried
WifeAdiba Rana
DaughtersHas 5 daughters (Elder Sumaiya Rana is younger than Uzma Rana)
BrotherNot known

Munawwar Rana’s Early Life

Munawwar Rana is a famous poet and writer. He was born on 26 November 1952 in the city of Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. Rae Bareli is a district of Uttar Pradesh and a part of the Lucknow division.

Munawwar Rana’s father’s name is Anwar Rana and his mother’s name is Ayesha Khatoon. Anwar Rana was also a famous writer and litterateur of his time. During the partition, his family members and relatives left their country and went to Pakistan.

But Munavwar Rana’s father accepted the soil of his country and decided to stay in India. Munavvar Rana was born in Rae Bareli but spent his early life in Kolkata. When Munawwar Rana was young, his entire family lived in Kolkata. His education was also completed in Kolkata itself. After this, his entire family started living in Lucknow. Lucknow is his favorite city.

Munawwar Rana’s Education

Born in Uttar Pradesh, Munawwar Rana spent most of his time in Kolkata. That is why his early studies were also done in Kolkata. During his studies, his inclination started moving towards Naxalism.

The thought of knowing about the Naxalites and becoming like them started coming into their mind. As soon as his father came to know about this, he evicted his son from the house.

After being out of the house for about 3 years, he returned home again. He has told a memoir of how he lived these 3 years through an article. There is no clear evidence of Munavwar Rana’s higher education so far. If I get any proof, then I will definitely share it with you guys.

Munawwar Rana’s Career

The fame of Munawwar Rana is not only in the country but also abroad. You can measure his fame and popularity in the way that his works have been published in many languages.

He has been awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for his best works. Almost all of his compositions are in the form of ghazals. Along with poetry, he has also established himself in a place in the field of writing.

Munawwar Rana has written an article on his own life. He has also written many poems about his life. In the year 2012 during a cultural program at NIT Allahabad, he presented an excerpt from his poem.

He also gave a new dimension to Ghazal. His style of writing poetry is different. His poems are centered on the mother. This shows his love for his mother.

Achievements, Awards, and Honors of Munawwar Rana

Munawwar Rana got the respect he deserved in the same way. He has won many awards for his efficiency. His awards and honors are as follows-

  • In the year 1993, he was awarded the Raees Amrovi Award at Rae Bareli.
  • Exactly two years later, in the year 1995, he was awarded the Dilkush Award.
  • In the year 1997, he was awarded the Salim Jafri Award.
  • In the year 2004, he was awarded the Saraswati Samman Award.
  • 2005 when he was awarded the Mir Taqi Mir Award. In the same year, he was also honored with Ghalib Award in Udaipur, Zakir Hussain Award in New Delhi, and Saud Alam Afkufi Award in Kolkata.
  • In 2006, he was awarded the Amir Khusro Award in Etawah and the Kabir Samman for poetry in Indore.
  • He was awarded the Maulana Abdul Razzaq Malihabadi Award in the year 2011 under the aegis of the Urdu Academy of West Bengal.
  • He has been awarded the Rituraj Award in the year 2012.
  • In 2014, he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for Urdu Literature. He returned to the government on 18 October 2015. Due to this controversy, he resolved not to accept any award awarded by the government in the future.
  • Apart from this, he has been honored with Kabir Award, Bharati Parishad Award, Bajme Sukhan Award, Allahabad Press Club Award, Saraswati Samaj Award, Adab Award, Mir Award, Hazrat Almas Shah Award, Humayun Kabir Award, Maulana Abul Hasan Nadvi Award and Ustad Bismillah Khan Award. has been carried out.

Munawwar Rana Awards and Honors at a Glance-

Rais Amrovi1993Rae Bareli
1995Not available
Salim Jaffrey1997Not available
Saraswati Samman2004Not available
Mir taraki mir2005Not available
Ghalib Award2005Uday pur
Zakir Hussain Award2005New Delhi
Saud Alam Af Bewkufi2005Kolkata
Amir Khusro2006Etawah
Kavita Ka Kabir2006Indore
Maulana Abdul Razzaq Malihabadi2011West Bengal
Rituraj2012Not available
Sahitya Akademi2014Not available
KabirNot availableNot available
Indian Council AwardNot availableNot available
bazme sukhanNot availableNot available
Allahabad Press ClubNot availableNot available
Saraswati SamajNot availableNot available
AdabNot availableNot available
AmeerNot availableNot available
Hazrat Almash ShahNot availableNot available
Humayun KabirNot availableNot available
Maulana Abul Hasan NadviNot availableNot available
Ustad Bismillah KhanNot availableNot available

Major compositions of Munavvar Rana.

The works of Munawwar Rana have been published in many languages. Dozens of his works have been published so far. Some of his major works are as follows-

  • Maa
  • Ghazal Gaon
  • peepal chhawn
  • Badan Sarai
  • Neem Ke Phool
  • Sab Uske Liye
  • Ghar Akela Ho Gaya
  • Kaho Jille Illahi Se
  • Bagair Nakse Ka Makan
  • Phir Kabir
  • Nahi Mausam Ke Phool

[ Awards and Honors and Major Works Source: Wikipedia ]

Munawwar Rana’s family

Apart from his parents, Munawwar Rana is survived by his wife and six children. His wife’s name is Adiba Rana she is a housewife. Munawwar Rana has one son Tabrez Rana and five daughters.

The name of the elder daughter is Sumaiya Rana and the younger one is Ujma Rana. Munavvar Rana has four brothers and three sisters. Thus Munavwar Rana has a full family.

Munawwar Rana’s Controversy

Munawwar Rana and controversies have an old relationship. Due to controversies, he had to be a victim of criticism from people on social media many times.

  1. When the Dadri incident happened in 2015, he made a controversial statement. He gave this statement in the form of Ghazal. His statement is something like this – “Whichever tree the devotees had planted, those trees started giving fruits. Mubarak in Hindustan, rumors started killing. He had to face severe criticism on social media for this song. However, he has denied this nazm. He says that neither I have given any such statement nor I can think of it.
  2. In the year 2015, when the Prime Minister of the country was Narendra Modi, there was a process of returning the award. During that time, Munavvar Rana also returned his Sahitya Akademi Award. After this, he refused to accept any honor or award given by the government in the future. Even after this controversy, he got a lot of criticism on social media.
  3. Recently, he made a controversial tweet about the Parliament of the country. He had written- “Some people of this country will get bread, demolish the Parliament and make some fields there. Now the fate of the farmers will change like this, burn the godowns made by the Seths. I am speaking the truth as a lie, blow my neck or burn me alive”. After this tweet, he faced severe criticism on social media. People called it a violation of constitutional memories.
  4. The way he was murdered by slitting his throat in the controversial cartoon case in France last year. That case was justified by Munawwar Rana. For this, he called the religion mother. He had said that if someone makes a bad cartoon of his mother, then he can do it in anger. There’s nothing wrong with that. After this, he came under the target of people on social media and people took him into his hands.
  5. During the protests of CAA and NRC, he had spoken of fear in India. He had alleged that BJP is busy making India a Hindu Rashtra. Then he faced criticism on social media.
  6. In the Ram temple case, former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi was accused that he has given his verdict in favor of Hindus in the Ayodhya case. On this people advised him to follow the constitution and law.


Munawwar Rana achieved a lot of fame in his life. On the other hand, he had to face many criticisms for his statements. He made many such controversial statements that people did not like. Today his daughter Sumaiya Rana has joined the Samajwadi Party.

His family had nothing to do with politics even remotely. But now maybe his family is ready to try their luck in politics. I will pray that his family should live their life happily in the coming life.

I hope you liked this article titled Munawwar Rana biography. I tried to share almost everything related to Munawwar Rana with you guys. Still, if anything is missed, please do let us know in the comment box. So that I can make this article better for you.

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